Monday, May 11, 2009


Andrew's friend, Greg, came to visit from Oregon. We haven't seen him since our wedding. It was way good to see him. Andrew and Greg went out in the middle of nowhere and shot clay pigeons all afternoon. I wish that I could have gone to take pictures, but I had to go to class. ): We also saw the movie, Taken, at the cheap theater. It is an amazing movie! You should go see it. Right now, Greg just took his first bite of one of Andrew's famous hamburgers! He's so cute with his hamburgers! We didn't eat his burgers for 4 months while we were in Mesquite. It was nice to have a break, only so we could experience it like the first time again! If you have never had one of Andrew's hamburgers, you are definately missing out! 


  1. HAHA I love it! O his hamburgers! They seriously are a legend!

  2. MMMM. Andrew's hamburgers might be the best food on earth.

    Oh, and I remembered when Nate saw taken. He saw it with Ethan and Diedre when I had to work or something, so don't worry, he's not cheating on me ;)