Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Newest Family Member

Moving back to Vegas has been a lot of fun! Rent is less than $450, so we are saving money to buy other things. We had some friends, Taney & Alexis Kurth, who had a Toyota Tacoma that they didn't need anymore. It also overheated quickly because the radiator was busted. We took the truck off their hands for them for $1,000, and then got it fixed up for only $500! However, we did not get it entirely fixed. Taney had rear-ended someone (that's how the radiator got busted) so the front bumper is dented and sagging a little. There also wasn't room for the A/C radiator when we put the new radiator in, so we don't have any air conditioning. We drive mostly the Honda, but the truck is handy for lots of things, like: picking up our bed 2 days early, giving the missionaries rides with their bikes tossed in the back, hauling a dresser across town from my parents house, and many other amazing opportunities! It is so nice having a truck, much less a second car!

Elevated Sleeping

When we lived in St. George for 4 months, all we had to sleep on was an air mattress. When that adventure was coming to an end, Andrew promised me that, once we got our own place here in Vegas, we could get a bed. Well that promise came true yesterday! I came home earlier this week to find pulled up on the computer. Andrew told me that he decided it is time that we got our bed! He said that I am so good to him & patient with him, that I deserve my bed. I am so glad that my usually complacent nature is translated as patience!
So Friday we went down to the warehouse/showroom to look at the bed that Andrew liked best from the website. When we got there, he decided that it wasn't that cool, so I got to pick my favorite bed that was on display. They told us the bed would be delivered either Saturday or Monday.
I work from 8-2 on Saturdays, so when I got off work I called Andrew to see if our bed came today. He said, "No, they didn't deliver it today." I was a little disappointed as anyone would be. When I got home, the bedroom door was closed. After a couple of minutes passed and I still hadn't gone in the bedroom, Andrew hinted at the fact that the bedroom door was in fact closed. I opened the bedroom door, and sitting in the middle of our room was OUR BED!!!! At first I accused him of lying to me, but he technically didn't because he said that the company hadn't delivered it. After calling them to find out if they would not be delivering our bed until Monday, he decided to take our Toyota Tacoma down to the warehouse and pick it up himself.
Now whenever we are home, we just chill on our bed, instead of sitting on the couch. This is the first time since we've been married that our bed is not sitting directly on the floor. I had forgotten how wonderful elevated sleeping is!