Wednesday, September 16, 2015

His Power is in Us

I recently found a Christian music radio station here in Vegas. One song that really hit me and made me think is a song by Jeremy Camp titled "Same Power." The chorus lyrics say: > "The same power that rose Jesus from the grave The same power that commands the dead to wake Lives in us, Lives in us! The same power that moves mountains when He speaks The same power that can calm the raging sea Lives in us, Lives in us!" > These lyrics made me think of the baptismal covenant and the sacrament prayers. We promise to take Christ's name upon ourselves, and Christ promises that He will always be with us. Christ can do ANYTHING. We need not fear the unknown or feel overwhelmed at what we are asked to accomplish. If we accept Christ into our lives, He will live in us and give us the strength, patience, power, whatever it is we need to do what is asked of us. > I recently gave a Relief Society lesson about the influence of music in our lives. While I was preparing for the lesson, I began to notice the lyrics of the current pop songs on the radio station that I was listening to. I did not agree with the ideas the songs were presenting. Alana is at the stage where she is copying everything anybody says. I did not want the words of the pop songs coming out of her mouth, even if she does not understand what those words mean. I can tell a difference in my attitude as well listening to these uplifting, Christ-focused songs, even if they are modern sounding songs. > I encourage anyone reading this to really listen to the lyrics of the songs you hear, and notice the feelings they inspire. Make a change if you need to. Music really does have a larger impact than we give it credit for.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rambling Writing for a Purpose

Do you ever feel like you have lost your grip on life? For me, life over all is good. It seems like projects and deadlines are never ending and just keep sneaking up. Maybe its because I just roll with the days, but I feel like time is just rolling on and I have to keep up. I had the thought yesterday that maybe if I wrote daily I could gain something grounding. Most days I don't write because I don't take the time to stop and think about something meaningful to write about. Today is the first day I have decided I am going to write just to write something. It's amazing how when you're in school and you have all these daily assignments you are frustrated with them and can't wait to be done. Now that I have been out of school for 5 years, I feel like I need some assignment to write about. It appears that I have a need to have projects! I feel so lucky to have Andrew as my husband. I have never been one to plan my life way out in advance. Andrew is the driving force behind our financial success. He has also taken a big part in trying to figure out how we can get pregnant again. I know, I know! We just gotta get busy in the bedroom! It hasn't been quite that easy for us. I did get pregnant 3 months after my period returned, but unfortunately that ended in a miscarriage in June. We are now working diligently at it again. We have come to a conclusion that between timing it right and getting progesterone as soon as I find out is the biggest thing to help. When I got pregnant with Alana, we had a fertility doctor prescribe me some progesterone the same day I took a pregnancy test. That was the only difference between Alana and my two miscarriages. Here's to hoping we can get pregnant and stay pregnant again!