Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oregon Vacation

We just spent the last 2 weeks visiting Andrew's family in Portland, OR. We stayed at his brother's house and got to hang out with their boys, Isaiah & Issac. They are the cutest boys ever! Every time that we left the house, Isaiah (4 years old) would tell us that he was going to miss us. And sure enough, as soon as we walked in the door he would say, "I miss you guys!" He is so precious! 2 year old Issac is the sweetest little boy ever. You ask him for a kiss, and he comes running over, lips puckered! Also, one of the last days that we were there, the boys woke up and came and laid down on our bed. We were just chillin, Andrew watching the stock market of course, when I looked over at the boys and Issac was pinching Isaiah's cheek...the same way Andrew pinches my cheek and says, "You're so cute, Miss Rachel!" It was so cute and so funny that a 2 year old picked up on something so random!

We also went swimming in some rivers while we were there...the Santiam and the Mollala Rivers. The Santiam River was beautiful, with small waterfalls and clear, but very cold, water. The Mollala River was warmer, but dirtier water. This was the first time I ever swam in a river!

For our next adventure, we are going to hike Mt. Timpinogas in Utah with my brother, Scott.