Saturday, August 28, 2010


So I had a nice little surprise waiting for me in my mailbox today. It was the key to the large package mailbox. As we made our way to the mailbox labeled on the key, Andrew & I racked our brains to figure out what large package we could be expecting. Upon opening the compartment and seeing my waiting package, the only words that I could say were: "I JUST GOT MY DIPLOMA!!!"

For those of you who know of the frustration that I have gone through, I imagine you will share in my excitement! Since the beginning of the year, whenever I would mention that I have a degree in child development, Andrew would correct me that I almost have that degree. However, now no one can ever say that I did not finish college.

The sense of accomplishment & completion is amazing! I never thought that this is what it would feel like to finish something so big as a college degree! For those of you who may be wondering if school is for you: if for no other reason, do it to say you did it!

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  1. Congrats girl! That's gotta be one of the best feelings ever! Now you can feel super cool every time you see it hanging on your wall =D