Monday, February 8, 2010

St. George

We have now moved up to St. George, UT where Andrew & I are both working for a CPA firm. Andrew loves doing taxes and figuring them out. I have been working at the front desk. It is lots of fun to see all the people who come in! We are renting a 3-bedroom house, but we have no furniture! If you remember,when we were in Rexburg, we were sleeping on a mattress that was on the floor. Well, it's gotten worse! We took that original mattress back to the DI in Rexburg. We are now sleeping on an air-mattress!!! It is crazy, but just another one of our adventures! We have gone down to Vegas every weekend since we moved up here. I guess we haven't found anything to do up here when we don't have to go to work! Andrew is hesitant to make friends, because then we won't want to leave St. George! But we haven't really decided what we are doing when our jobs are done on April 15th! I guess if we don't have any friends here, that just makes our decision easier!

We miss all of our friends up in Rexburg! If any of you want to come down for this long weekend coming up, we've got a couple of spare bedrooms(but no beds)! Just give us a call!

Andrew took the GMAT a couple of weeks ago. He got a 700/800, which puts him in the 90th percentile! To get into BYU, one of the top accounting programs in the nation, he had to score a 630, so he blew the GMAT out of the water! Way to go, Andrew!!! (Round of Applause, if you will!)

I hope that everyone is doing well, and I enjoy reading all of your blogs to keep up on what is going on! We miss everyone and send you all our love!

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