Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Swim Meet

The week after the BYU-I championship swim meet, we got invited by the Utah State University Master Club Swim Team to compete against them in a dual meet. We were all very excited and continued to train for 2 additional weeks. When we arrived at the pool, we were all impressed with the fact that they had touch pads and a scoreboard! I have not been able to swim with touch pads in a long, long time! Not only did they have high-class equipment (compared to BYU-I), but when I jumped in the pool, I discovered that the water temperature was kept at competition temp...about 5-10 degrees colder than the pool here at BYU-I. It was very cold, but it made me feel like I am still a legitimate swimmer!
I swam the 200 yd backstroke, with a time of 2:35. I have not swam that event since high school, over 4 years ago. My best time back in the day was a 2:18. So less than a 20 second gain is good enough for me!
Here is a picture of everybody who went to the meet.


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